Beautiful beaches draw the 150 km of coastline of this ecological paradise.

One side of the island, which stretched towards the continent, is bathed by the calm sea, on the other side, which is more savage (appointed by the Union as an ecological reserve assets) and faces the Atlantic Ocean coast there are high rocky, deserted beaches, open and rough sea. The landscape is characterized, in addition to 39 beaches, (some of them characterized by desert and calm waters, others by white sand and crystal clear sea and others by a sea ideal for diving) by abundant vegetation with trees that reach the height of 30 meters and more than 300 waterfalls of amazing beauty. There are many hotels, restaurants and night clubs that welcome visitors throughout the year. In August, here the Shrimp Festival takes place, during which you can taste the delicious result of a competition among the restaurants that prepare incredible combinations of ingredients to enhance the prawn! But if you are on the island on the third weekend of May, you will attend the most important folkloristic festival of the region called Congada, which is an homage to St. Benedict, a tradition of nearly two centuries; the people march and play comedy in the streets of the village.

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